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Remembering A Fellow Poet and Good Friend

Today at 5:30 pm, Keenan M. Gorham, a good friend and fellow poet passed away after a long battle with illness. I know he is in a better place now and no longer suffering. He shed so much light and laughter to others, with his beautiful smile, demeanor, and his words. He was a constant presence in the poetry world and hosted many spoken word events in the North Carolina area. Even after his death, his words and acts of kindness will forever live on.  This is one of the few poems that I have of his and I wanted to share it with others. Enjoy!


I told her she was taboo to me
tattooed her name on the edges of my tongue
as a constant reminder of what deep love tastes like
allowed her to be an impediment in my speech
slurr’d stumbles of compliments I’d give
careful not to voice what wasn’t felt
heavy stained versed ink enabling me to breath her beautifully
w/ design in and out like aspirated mantras
leaving lungs sated fluidly of profound messages to remember
exhaling her name through windpipes openly like Avatar dreams
pied piping peculiar parables of possibilities to play out
when we’d play into the Devil’s flute of temptation
for lusting of her be the sweetest melody heard
and longing the fairest vice given
b/c wanting of her burns like fiery Hell in my loins
she knows this
leaving indelible imprints of
permanent passion marks on my heart I still seem to enjoy remebrance
she’s learned to win me over
brand affection on the core of me
so I’ll beat of existence as the flow of her closeness runs through me w/ intentions
permitting myself to pull her closer than intuition in
tell her to use me like bold & italicized truth so I can stand out within
what she thinks of
assure that crying will not be evident
I’ll hold her like the hands of time and cradle her future in my arms
give her stability of a Nova star
so she’ll shine brighter than anything I could ever imagine for
insert worth in her days to be valuable in mine
learn to set free of what worries her when all else tries her
kiss her after I see tears fall like forgiveness from pedals of Dahlias
never before seeing her mature more attractively
witnessing her smile blossoming brighter than a nude son
showing me the vulnerability of her warm ways
appreciate how important her presence be in my life like faith
for it is more than just admiring who she is
but of what she has to offer
being my right side when wrong
my write hand when alone I’m left
like my sanity in spells of troubled darkness
sense in the midst of uncertainty
sigh of constructive reflection
the backbone of my weakness
foundation of my purpose
my 12th rib of evolution to completion
just my reason for being who I am
I swear she seems to be the world to me
and if that be the case
if dying assured me of being with her forever
bury me years ago just to be eternally grateful now
w/ everything she’s done for me
fulfilling me w/ genuine promises of her words as if be Towdah
together nothing separating a sharing of vocal vows
when we whisper emotions like smoke signals
signifying this will always be
so if this is love I’m feeling
I don’t want it to be taken away
and to her, to never walk a way from
not knowing if I’ll ever have anything more to speak of as wonderful as she
nor taste whiffs of happiness as I call for her name
nor mine from her willowy lips
she makes me feel more than complete
so I need her
in my life constantly like days needing night to fall back on
I hope she knows I just love being in her presence
like a rainbow to a storm
giving me something to enjoy colorfully when life seems bleak
a guardian to my destiny
wings to my flight
call to my anointing
faith to my sight
she is the embodiment of what I wish for
the epitome of perfection
the woman who for the first time in a long time
I feel deeply in love with
like never before!

(C)2010 K. Gorham