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Your last breath… (In memory of H’Katherine and John)

Waves and tides are like the heartbeat of the ocean,

So the rivers, lakes and streams must be its bloodline.

How ironic is it, that you took your last breath among the waves.

They say we are made of dirt and so to dirt we shall return,

Yet are we not about 75% water and is it not water that must sustain us.

So if we are made of water, thus it is only right that to water we shall return

As you two did…

Death does not take only the dying.

Sometimes it takes the living, those very happy, those on the brink of their dreams, and yes, even those very young.

In life there are seasons

And everything does happen for a reason,

But it is only the living and the loved ones left behind

That can’t comprehend the “why.”

You two were loved beyond any words that could ever be expressed.

The church was standing room only.

Family and friends came from all over the state.

People sung songs, girls were bows in their hair in your remembrance, and memories were shared.

Your lives were short but your impact on others was strong.

You took your last breath among the waves

And you were buried below tear soaked flowers.

Best friends and cousins…together at the end…forever.

The fear of drowning is one of the most paralyzing fears in the human mind.

But I sometimes wonder, if after all the struggle

There’s a sense of peace at the end.

And I wonder if, before you closed your eyes forever,

The view was as beautiful as this…

RIP H’Katherine and John.

“All rivers, even the most dazzling, even those that catch the sun in their course…all rivers go down to the ocean and drown. And life awaits us, as the sea awaits the river.” – Simone Schwarz-Bart


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