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Sex is Like a Drug

Sex is like a drug

That some use in place of love.

Addicted to the night

When only sex can make it right.


That initial touch,

That high you crave so much

From fingers yet unknown

Undress breasts, still unshown.


Kisses fast and incomplete

Breath catching in defeat

Heartbeat racing, loud and clear

Hormones ready, in high gear.


Fingers search for that spot

A few flicks here, make you hot.

Lips working, tongue thick

Wetness dripping with every lick.


Sex hard as a rock

Impatiently he knocks

On your wet door

Entering the only cure.


Head back,

Eyes closed,

Back arched,

Legs open.


Fingers clutching,

Hips thrusting,

Bodies lusting,

Orgasms busting.


That aching throb inside…


Your cravings pacified

Addiction… for now, satisfied.