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Motivational Speech to Myself…

Ksoranna…you need to get shit done today…and tomorrow…and the day after that!!!! You cannot sit around on your ass every day and eat sweets and read vampire romance novels and watch Korean Dramas and day dream about Jeremy Lin and sexy ass Korean men that you will never meet. And stop blogging…I mean seriously…you already have like 5 freaking blogs. And stop buying plants…you already have like 9 potted plants…pretty soon your balcony will look like a poor man’s jungle. Get your shit together woman!!! REMEMBER….

Wow…what an awesome motivational speaker I am to myself. I can’t believe that actually worked.


What the hell…this shit is too stressful…I can’t do this shit anymore…my brain hurts…I am just going to take a small break to clear my head so I can come back in 20 minutes and be more productive.

My “20 minute” break:

   damn my house is dirty…

OMG…I am sooo hungry…must eat… 

and then…. and then… 

and then…OMG…Jeremy Lin…

  and then OMG…I’m hungry again!!! 

and then dancing around while listening to BigBang…


and then watching Kdrama… 

…and then crying my eyes out because it was so sad 


Damn it! I’m exhausted and I need to go to sleep. Didn’t get any shit done today…again…for like the 5th day in a row.

Tomorrow I will try this method….I wonder if it will make a difference…or will I just watch Kdramas with my one eye…

My Mother, My Hero

She was the wind beneath my wings

Before I even knew how to fly.

She kept my feet on the ground

And my eyes toward the sky.

If I have touched your life in any way

I just want you to know,

You have my mother to thank,

For I am but her shadow.

She taught me how to love

And some say, I have her laugh.

Every step forward I took,

I took on her behalf.

Everything I do, I do it for her

Because she gave her life to me.

She gave up her country, her family, her friends

So that I could know, what it meant to be free.

The fear of persecution,

I will never have to know.

For bearing the burden for me,

She is the greatest of heroes.

I may grow up and change the world,

Degrees may decorate my walls,

I may witness beauty few have seen,

And travel to more places than I can recall.

But the joy of loving my mother

Will be the greatest of these things

Because without her sacrifice,

My life would not have wings.

(c) 2012  ksoranna

Personal Note: Other mothers may be great, and wonderful, and loving…but my mother is one of a kind. She left her family, her friends, and her country at the tender age of 15 and joined a resistance movement against the Communist Party.  Against all odds and with the help of God’s grace she survived and escaped from starvation, a jungle terrain, enemy capture, and civil warfare to bring me into this world. On foot, she traveled from Vietnam to Thailand and from there, to the Philippines, where we were finally given refugee status by the United States. Thousands shared our journey, but we were part of the only 200 something, who made it.

Scientist used to say that it should have been impossible for a bee to fly and until recently, the bee’s success was a mystery. But the saying goes, that a bee never knew that it wasn’t supposed to fly, so it flew anyways.  Like the bee, I never knew the “impossible” because my mother showed me that the “impossible” does not exist. I came to the United States as a refugee, without even a birth certificate to my name. I didn’t even know a word of English when I started Elementary School. I grew up on the lower socio-economic side of town by parents who worked multiple jobs, knew very little English and did not have a high school education. Statistically speaking, I should not have made it very far in life, but my family never believed in statistics…so I graduated high school with honors, became the second Montagnard female to graduate from a four year university and went on to law school. I am currently working in the legal field and serve as an advocate for a non-profit organization that speaks out on human rights issues. Every success I have had, was because my mother believed in me.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mother and all the other mothers out there. May you also serve as the wind beneath someone’s wings, so that they in turn can become heroes and have the potential to some day change the world.