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  1. Ok I have a marriage proposal 🙂

  2. LOL at this conversation. Very cute!

  3. With all due respect, I hope you hear me out.

    I am a HUGE fan of Jeremy Lin, and I was a die-hard fan of your Jeremy Lin fangirl blog, but I’ve recently become concerned that your innuendos and attempts at humor about his ‘bromances’ have been used by his haters to discredit him…I was just re-reading some of your posts, and the stuff you wrote about the ‘intense eye-sex’ and ‘grazing of the shorts’ was TRULY unnecessary!..

    I mean Reeeally?…C’mon! I know you’re joking, but something tells me that they wouldn’t find it funny. Landry and Lin, and now Chandler and Lin, have a great friendship that I hope people like you don’t start to make them feel uncomfortable about….and it’s a shame that this close friendship might be sullied by the immaturity of others who feel the need to draw unwanted and inappropriate attention to it..

    I think you should think about whether you would like these kind of innuendos and jokes circulated about your father, or brother, or perhaps your future son? That wouldn’t be cool at all.

    Again, please think about what you’re posting and the effect it would have on person who is the subject of your supposed ‘humour’. Thanks.

  4. I want job with real horny

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