Motivational Speech to Myself…

Ksoranna…you need to get shit done today…and tomorrow…and the day after that!!!! You cannot sit around on your ass every day and eat sweets and read vampire romance novels and watch Korean Dramas and day dream about Jeremy Lin and sexy ass Korean men that you will never meet. And stop blogging…I mean seriously…you already have like 5 freaking blogs. And stop buying plants…you already have like 9 potted plants…pretty soon your balcony will look like a poor man’s jungle. Get your shit together woman!!! REMEMBER….

Wow…what an awesome motivational speaker I am to myself. I can’t believe that actually worked.


What the hell…this shit is too stressful…I can’t do this shit anymore…my brain hurts…I am just going to take a small break to clear my head so I can come back in 20 minutes and be more productive.

My “20 minute” break:

   damn my house is dirty…

OMG…I am sooo hungry…must eat… 

and then…. and then… 

and then…OMG…Jeremy Lin…

  and then OMG…I’m hungry again!!! 

and then dancing around while listening to BigBang…


and then watching Kdrama… 

…and then crying my eyes out because it was so sad 


Damn it! I’m exhausted and I need to go to sleep. Didn’t get any shit done today…again…for like the 5th day in a row.

Tomorrow I will try this method….I wonder if it will make a difference…or will I just watch Kdramas with my one eye…


About ksoranna

Ksoranna is the ideal version of myself. She is me...but better...smarter...funnier...sexier...

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  1. Hahaha…that happens to me alot, i tell myself that once i get to work am going to be super productive and when i switch on my computer i forget everything else and just be on net the whole day and i can be so pissed if my boss brings me something urgent to do. i keep putting off things then i end up getting so overwhelmed but am going to try out your theory tomorrow

    • haha…yes, glad you can relate!! and my theory doesn’t work for me…but i hope it works for you. I think I just have focus issues LOL. and thanks for the follow!!

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