May I Fuck You? (Warning: Mature Content)


You just got home from a long, hard day at work.  After getting settled in, you sit in your favorite chair, in front of the computer, or where ever it is, that helps you release the stress of the day.  It’s ok, just close your eyes. Relax your neck and shoulders. Breathe in deeply…count to ten.  Release that breath.

You breathe in again. You sniff the air…it is the scent of Victoria’s Secret Strawberry and Champagne body wash. It’s ok…it’s just me stepping out of the shower. You don’t open your eyes or turn your head, but you listen to my footsteps, moving closer and closer to you.  I walk up behind you and gently brush my fingertips across your neck…you love when I do this. You smile as I gently suck on your right earlobe and whisper, “Hey Big Daddy,  how was work?” 

It’s a rhetorical question…you know full well I am not here to talk about work. I am here to help you forget about work.

You start to get up and I tell you, “No, don’t. I want to be on top.” I straddle you and you love the sight of me in a blue silk robe…you know the one that always slips open, and my long black hair is still damp…leaving wet spots on my robe wherever the droplets fall from my hair.

I take your face into my hands and bring my lips to yours. I kiss you, gentle pecks at first, then more urgently. Your hands are tangled in my long, wet hair. I suck on your bottom lip and continue to kiss you like your lips taste of chocolate and caramel. 

I move from your lips to your chin, slowly tracing a trail with my lips. I move from your chin down to the apple in your neck and use my tongue to lightly lick your neck with gentle flicks. I go up and down, not leaving a spot on your neck untouched. I take my time because I love the way you taste…fresh but with a hint of salty sweat, left over from a long work day. I finally get to your earlobe and suck on it again…using my teeth to gently nibble it, as your earlobes leave my mouth. 

I can feel the hardness in your pants start to grow.  I know you want me to release him but I make you wait a little longer. I unbutton your dress shirt…one button at a time, giving you a kiss after each one is undone. I slip the shirt off your shoulders and down your arms, until all you have on is a white undershirt.  I gently kiss your collarbone and trace my tongue down to where your collarbone melts into the middle of your neck. Then I take your undershirt and lift it up over your raised arms and off. It falls to the ground next to your work shirt. I kiss your shoulders, peck by peck, down your arms, past your elbows…it takes me 43 kisses to reach your fingertips. I take your thumb and slip it into my mouth. You instantly groan and I can feel your manhood harden even more.  I work your thumb with my mouth and my wet tongue, going up and down, up and down…you are imagining what else I am good at sucking. I repeat the motion with the rest of your hand.

You are asking me to release him. “Please, please, take him out,” you beg of me. I undo your belt and your button and unzip you…I can’t wait to release your hardness from the confines of cloth and thread, that is separating you from the warmness between my legs.

I leave your pants on but finally, your hardness is able to breathe. I massage him with my hands…my soft, petite hands that make your manhood look huge. I kiss you…all gentleness out the door. You capture my lips in between your own, hungry for the taste of me. Your tongue explores the gap that separates my breath from yours.  

Your big, strong hands are underneath my robe…palming my soft, round ass…gripping my back, my waist, my hips…My breath quickens and moans escape every time your lips release mine.

Your hardness is thumping against me and I can feel myself getting moist, like that first drizzle of rain before a thunderstorm.  

“Put him in” you growl, no longer able to fight your carnal desires. I pick myself up and slowly lower my wetness onto your hardness…I get past the tip and almost lose control, but I catch myself and pull myself off of you. I want to feel the tip again, so I pull myself up and slowly lower myself onto you once more.  You no longer take the teasing and thrust your hard cock into my 4’10” frame. I gasp out your name, as your hardness invades my tightness. I am so tight you feel like you must have the biggest dick in the world as my soft, wetness bounces up and down on your dick. You are thinking, “Oh shit, damn, Asians do have the best pussy.” You can feel my walls surround your dick with every up and down motion I do. You feel so good that my wetness is trickling down the side of your dick. My breast slowly emerges from behind my robe with every thrust and moan I give you.  You have one hand on my ass and the other on my right breast. They look like round, full grapefruits with Hersey kiss nipples.  My skin is flushed a soft bronze and you feast on my full, round fruit. My hands are in your hair, pulling you into my chest to feed you seconds.  I am grinding and riding…faster and faster…breathing harder and harder. I can feel my heat rising…toes curling…legs shaking. I can feel myself losing control as orgasmic spasms rock my body from head to toe. Breathing heavy, I recollect my breaths as I lay my head against your shoulder. 


You give me 5 seconds to regain control but then you lift me up and set me on your desk. You rip your pants and boxers off in 0.25 seconds. My robe is wide open exposing everything from my neck down past my navel. You look down to see nipples, erect, chest rising, and my legs open, exposing lips glistening with wetness leftover from orgasms orchestrated by your dick. I am biting my lips…eager and anticipating your hardness entering me…again and again. You grip my waist and bring me to meet your hardness halfway…I am gasping with every meeting. You are like a beast and I am like a china doll, submitting to your every need and desire. 

You feel your hardness throbbing against my inner walls and you want to bury your seeds deep inside of me. Your knees get weak and you start to lose control…and you want to lose it all…all the stress, all the anger, all the desire…you want to release it all inside of me. And you finally do…and it was exactly what you needed to end your night.

Thank you for letting me mind fuck you.


About ksoranna

Ksoranna is the ideal version of myself. She is me...but better...smarter...funnier...sexier...

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  1. Well damn!

  2. ahhhh shucky ducky! that was good!


  4. I can feel the hardness in your pants start to grow. MY FAVORIT PART! BONOR TERIFFIC

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