Update: George Zimmerman Charged with Second Degree Murder!!

In a live news conference held at 6pm today, special prosecutor Angela Corey, has just confirmed that George Zimmerman has been charged with second degree murder and is in custody now (YAY!!). Yesterday, Zimmerman’s former attorneys, Craig Sonner and Hal Uhrig withdrew from the case because they have not been able to reach Zimmerman. Currently, Zimmerman is being represented by new counsel, Mark O’Mara. Zimmerman voluntarily surrendered himself and is being held at an undisclosed location.

Even though Corey claims that neither public pressure nor the nationwide petition, influenced their decision, I feel that the public did help influence them to take another look at this case. If it wasn’t for the public outrage over the lack of investigation being done by the police department, this could have been another case swept under the radar, like so many others.

Trayvon Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, told reporters, “First of all, I want to say: Thank God. We simply wanted an arrest. We wanted nothing more and nothing less, and we got it. And I say thank you. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Jesus.” People who have been following this story and praying for justice are also very pleased with Corey’s announcement. This case still has a long way to go before we see a conviction, but at least now this case can be brought before a jury, facts can be reviewed, and there is at least a chance for justice.

In Florida, second degree murder carries a maximum sentence of life in prison. If convicted, there will not be an opportunity for parole. Zimmerman is being held without bail, but his attorneys can request a bond; at which time, a bond hearing will be set.

Here is the official charging document:


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  1. I wasn’t sure if it would be 2nd degree murder or Manslaughter. I figured 2nd degree so that they had the option to plead him down to a serious charge. 2nd degree will be very difficult to prove with a stand your ground law/

    • Under Florida law, second degree murder is the unlawful killing of a person when perpetrated by any act imminently dangerous to another and evincing a depraved mind, regardless of human life, although without any premeditated design to effect the death of any particular individual.

      The defenses available are: 1) Excusable homicide, 2) Justifiable Homicide, and 3) Self Defense. So yes, if his claim of self-defense is valid using the “stand your ground” law, it will be very difficult to convict him. But I agree, I think they made the right choice by charging him with the most serious crime available since they cant charge him with 1st degree b/c there was no premeditation.

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