Craving your body all through the night

Kissing you, rubbing you, holding you tight.

Skin on skin, eye to eye

Tender touch so soft from inside.

Your tongue on my neck, lips on my breasts,

Leaving my body in eager unrest.

Entangled among the sheets, entwined as one

Leave all thoughts behind, let our bodies have fun.

I fit every inch and every curve.

You caress my spot and tickle every nerve.

Slowly whisper softly to me

And guide me to the point of ecstasy.

Hear the moans you can’t ignore,

As I say your name and call for more.

About ksoranna

Ksoranna is the ideal version of myself. She is me...but better...smarter...funnier...sexier...

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  1. Love this poem…I’m feeling it…would be nice to do that every night lol…one day

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