Hunger Games Movie Reveals Prejudice

The girl pictured above is Rue, played by the black actress, Amandla Sternburg. You would think the death of her character would spark tears or at least sadness. For some people it did, but for others it sparked anger and racism.

I have never read the book nor have I seen the movie. But I wanted to do a post because it’s no secret that fans are disappointed that some of the characters were played by black actors. I know in movies, some people get upset when a character is supposed to be a certain race but then the directors cast another race or ethnicity to play that part. I mean people got upset that Jennifer Lopez (who is Puerto Rican) played Selena (who was Mexican), regardless of the fact that both were Hispanic. And yes, I was one of those people upset that The Last Airbender was played by a white actor. But I didn’t think that it effected people so much to the point that they wouldn’t want to see a movie or feel less compassion for the death of a character…solely based on the color of their skin. Now I don’t have Twitter so I never saw any of the racial remarks made by upset fans, until I read other blogs. I am shocked at what people are tweeting. I thought people would want to see more diversity in movies, books, music, and entertainment in general. If you haven’t seen these posts, I have pasted some below. I’m sure there were more, but most have been taken down and/or their accounts have been deleted because of the criticism they received on their tweets.

Am I the only one who was actually surprised over these tweets? I guess I don’t want to believe that even in 2012, people can be so upset over the color of an actor’s skin, that they blatantly put their prejudicial views on blast. I have the most precious little niece who is half black and I am a minority female myself, who is now wondering if people would regard our deaths, as less cry worthy, simply because we are not white.

Sources of Tweets:

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