You know I hate to put myself on blast…but you got me…exactly where I don’t want to be.

I can’t help but to give you props…on convo that keeps me up past midnight,

On lines that got me laughing,

On fingers that make me shiver,

On lips that make me moan

And damn, I want you.

I want you like a foot massage after dancing all night at the club.

I want you like a bubble bath with candles and slow jams, where the water doesn’t get cold after 20 minutes.

I want you like a Victoria’s Secret “Very Sexy” push-up bra that’s on sale for $19.99.

I want you like red ripe strawberries dipped in chocolate syrup chased down with champagne.

I want you like the smoothness of freshly shaved legs wrapped in satin sheets.

I want you like Cold Stone’s birthday cake flavor ice cream on a hot summer day.

You’re almost too good to be true,

I don’t even have to upgrade you.

I’m still trying to find your silver lining

Because you look too damn good, and you’re far too educated, and your money is on point, and you don’t have any mental hang-ups, or baby-mama drama…

So, why are you still single?

If you want me like how I want you

And if you’re feeling me like how I’m feeling you

Then what are you waiting for?

Because tomorrow my phone could break, my computer could crash, I could move to another state, get stung by a horde of bees, fall down and break both my legs, get caught in a house fire, choke on a fish bone, get hit by a stray bullet…or worse, I could fall in love…with someone else.

So if you presented me, with the opportunity to be yours…

Well, you know I hate to put myself on blast, but you got me.

About ksoranna

Ksoranna is the ideal version of myself. She is me...but better...smarter...funnier...sexier...

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